Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Bolling Aviator picks up where The Beam leaves off

A new newspaper will deliver their first issue on Bolling Jan. 5, 2007.

The Bolling Aviator, published by the same company that published The Beam, will continue to provide local news dedicated to keeping the Bolling community informed about base news, events and services.

‘‘Bolling is an essential component of the D.C. military community,” said John Rives, Comprint Military Publications publisher. ‘‘The Bolling Aviator will seamlessly serve the fine people of the Bolling community by supplying stories and information that affect their lives day-to-day.”

‘‘The newspaper will be expanded to cover even more of the base activities of all tenants, mission related news and the lives of the people who work at Bolling,” Mr. Rives added. ‘‘Comprint Military Publications is pleased to continue the 25-year tradition of providing a print newspaper to the Bolling community — as well as online coverage at⁄Bolling.”

This new cooperation between Bolling AFB and Comprint Military Publications, publishers of 11 other military newspapers in the DC Metropolitan region, is the result of an announcement that the Air Force has begun to transition to centralized news online.

‘‘It is exciting and encouraging that a company wishes to carry on the tradition of providing our community with a hard-copy source for local Bolling news,” said Maj. David Malakoff, 11th Wing Public Affairs director.

The Bolling Aviator will be delivered every Friday to Bolling and will be available at the same locations that previously offered The Beam. Free classified advertising will still be available for active-duty Airmen. For more information, call Comprint Military publications at (301) 921-2800.

(Courtesy of Comprint Military Publications)