Thursday, December 6, 2007

MCB Quantico winter weather code procedures

Winter has arrived in Northern Virginia. To ensure the safety of all aboard Quantico, the base commander has established procedures to evaluate weather conditions to determine delaying the opening of the base and how to disseminate those decisions to employees. It is important that all personnel understand and heed these procedures.

Upon first indication of possible inclement weather, command personnel begin monitoring weather conditions regularly to determine potential impact upon base operations. As inclement weather nears or begins, the command monitors weather reports more frequently and begins to receive regular road condition reports from aboard base and in the surrounding community. Command personnel also communicate with local counties and the federal government concerning their assessments of the weather conditions.

Based upon the type and volume of expected precipitation and the capabilities of base equipment and personnel to keep the roads clear and safe for travel, the commander will make the decision to keep the base open, delay base opening, or close the base.

If inclement weather occurs during non-working hours, every attempt will be made to make the decision on the base’s status prior to 4 a.m. That decision will be promulgated as a Base Weather Code as follows:

  • CODE GREEN (Condition Normal): The base is open on time. Employees are expected to report to work on time. Local radio and television stations will not announce Code Green.

  • CODE YELLOW (Open With Reasonable Delays): The base is open on time. Reasonable delays for reporting to work are excused. Liberal leave may be authorized.Will be announced on local radio and television stations.

  • CODE BLUE (Open At Specified Time): The base opens at a specified time. Liberal leave may be authorized. Will be announced on local radio and television stations.

  • CODE RED (Closed For Non-Essential Personnel): Weather conditions are severe and the base is closed for normal operation, only emergency and essential personnel are expected to report to work. Will be announced on local radio and television stations.

    Note: These conditions are a guideline for MCB Quantico. They will not necessarily reflect the conditions and challenges in our neighboring communities. Please use common sense and sound judgment in your decision to get on the roads. Your safety is the most important factor.

    Notification of the Base Weather Code is broadcast via the Weather hotline, the Quantico Mass Notification System, the base Web site, and local TV and radio stations.

    During inclement weather, families with special needs (EFMs, handicap, etc.) that may need special⁄additional assistance should call the MCB Command Duty Officer at (703) 784-2707 or the MCB emergency maintenance at (703) 784-2072⁄2073⁄2227 for assistance. For urgent emergencies dial 911. For other non-urgent emergencies call the Security Battalion Desk Sergeant at (703) 784-2251⁄2252⁄2253.

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