Thursday, July 12, 2007

Fishing: A fun in the sun activity offered for children at Bolling

Photo courtesy of Paddy Lynn

The docks at Bolling AFB are a nice place to enjoy fishing and fine weather.
Fishing. It is a lifetime recreation. It lets the kids enjoy the fresh air while they “do something different,“ said Emit Newsome, the recreation assistant at the Youth Center. He is talking about the latest sports activity offered for the children at the Youth Center – learning how to bait a fishing rod and cast out a line.

For this fishing activity, Newsome plans to take Youth Center staff and kids out on the Marina dock on Bolling Air Force Base so they can catch catfish in the Potomac waters, exclaim over their catch, then toss the fish back in.

Youth Center Director Paddy Lynn wholeheartedly supports the newest activity offered. According to her, fishing “gets the kids outdoors and teaches them a lifetime sport.“

She also believes that the fishing activity gives the participants a chance to practice their skills in preparation for the line casting competition that Outdoor Adventures and Recreation (Outdoor Rec) holds for the base kids. Plus, Lynn added, fishing gives these children an opportunity to earn Fit Factor points because it is a healthy lifestyle activity.

The children bring their own fishing gear, or it is rented for them from the Outdoor Recreation Center and Equipment Rental. The Youth Center staff brings the bait, bloodworms and⁄or nightcrawlers.

Kids must sign up at the Youth Center for this activity and then meet Youth Center personnel at the dock. Newsome remarked, “Lots of kids say that they fish,“ so they'll like this activity for the fun and relaxation it provides. Parents are welcome to come along, too, so everyone gets to fish and have fun in the sun.