Thursday, February 8, 2007

Annual training available on MarineNet

By Lance Cpl. Travis J. Crewdson

Marines can now complete mandatory training online through MarineNet.
As of mid-December, mandatory annual training is available for Marines and sailors anywhere they can get Internet access by logging on to MarineNet.

Mandatory training recently added to the site includes education on the nine elements of overall health, many of which were submitted by Marine Corps Community Services’ Semper Fit Center.

‘‘The nine required elements fall into the functional fitness concept,” said Patricia Padgett, health promotion director for Quantico’s Semper Fit Center and registered nurse for 15 years. ‘‘The education makes a more fit and ready Marine or sailor. It encompasses your holistic self. I believe, as a nurse, it is not just whether you smoke or not and your nutrition level, but it covers your mental, physical and spiritual health.”

The required elements to be studied annually are: Tobacco Prevention and Cessation, Physical Fitness, Injury Prevention, Nutrition, Stress Management, Hypertension Identification and Control, STD⁄HIV Awareness, Suicide Awareness, and Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention and Control.

‘‘The nine elements are what we live by here,” Padgett said. ‘‘We base our classes, seminars and information distribution on them.”

Marines and sailors can now perform the mandatory training on their own time. They do not have to come in from the field or schedule time to attend a class. They do not even need to leave their office if they have an Internet-ready computer.

The site can be viewed at and Marines can log on to view and take courses after creating a password to establish a free account. The site’s course catalog can also be viewed by signing in as a guest, but no further action can be taken this way. The course catalog contains names, descriptions and hours for each course.

Once an account is established, a Marine can begin taking a class, then stop if he has limited time and come back to it when he can. Transcripts of courses already completed are also available from the main menu.

Besides normal required courses, pre-deployment training, Marine Corps Institution courses and other helpful materials are also available on MarineNet once an account is established.