Thursday, January 17, 2008

Commander’s Column

I want to briefly share some of my Commander’s Intent and Guidance with you in this week’s Commander’s Column. The purpose of a Commander’s Guidance is to provide insight into the Commander’s beliefs and directional intent to all personnel assigned or working for a Command. For NNMC and NMNCA I am providing guidance as the new Navy Medicine Component Commander to the Joint Task Force National Capital Region — Medical (JTF CapMed). I hope to provide clear understanding of where I think we need to focus and perform that will result in a unity of effort and mission success in all taskings and responsibilities we will now receive from the JTF CapMed while we continue to meet the Department of the Navy and Navy Medicine’s requirements.

My Intent: We will provide the best in effective and efficient world-class military healthcare while achieving individual, augmentee, and platform readiness for any contingency — conflict, humanitarian or disaster; integration of all four Service’s with a regionally accessible, high quality healthcare delivery system; partnership with all healthcare and support institutions required to meet the JTF CapMed missions; completion of all BRAC law required changes by Sep 2011 for Navy’s Bethesda Base; and be the center of gravity in the establishment of the best military healthcare tertiary center the world has or will know in the next decade providing world-class and world-wide care.

My Commander’s Guidance with my personal vision, mission, beliefs, guiding principles and priorities, along with our 2008 annual plans due out at the end of January, will help all who serve here carry out the missions and future tasks assigned to us by higher authority. It will serve as a clear roadmap to the desired end state and allow us to envision the best future for our Bethesda campus and military medicine. That said, I do want to remind you that through it all we must remember the most important thing is to continue to provide the high quality healthcare and support we are known for to our Nation’s wounded warriors, all our patients, their families and ourselves.

My Vision Statement: We are the leaders in the development of a new, joint National Capital Region medical center and world-class health system that will dramatically improve the quality and sustainability of healthcare and support for our patients, families, those we serve and who serve them, our military, and the Nation, and be the envy of all who know healthcare.

My Mission Statement: I will provide Navy leadership and support to the JTF CapMed to ensure BRAC law accomplishment in the National Capital Region by building the infrastructure, capabilities, resources and base support required for JTF mission success; development of a new military regional integrated health system; creation of a world-class medical center; enhancement of our readiness, health profession’s education and research; improving healthcare delivery and maintaining high quality care to our patients, families, those we serve and ourselves, always remembering — ‘‘Patient Care Is What We Do Best!”

In the future end state we will provide higher quality healthcare in a world-class, state-of-the-art medical center and regional healthcare system which is totally integrated and fully ready for any military tasking.

I ask that you take the time to read my full 2008 Commander’s Guidance coming out next week and think about how your daily actions can help propel our Command to the desired future end state. The Guidance has more details plus my beliefs, guiding principles, strategies and priorities for success. This is our chance. We can make a difference.

Above all else and no matter what happens on our journey, we will: (1) take care of our patients, families and selves; (2) be ready for any readiness mission or tasking; (3) be unified and forward thinking in how we respond.

We must embark on this unprecedented journey into a better future for military medicine as one team, speaking in unison, with a desirable end state in mind that is possible with commitment, mission focus and vision. My Commander’s Guidance is built on your many successes, your exceptional abilities to adapt and change for the better and your dedicated service to our country’s military men and women. I look forward to the journey and our success!

Commander sends,