Thursday, January 10, 2008

Commander’s Column

As you are well aware, the National Naval Medical Center [NNMC] and Navy Medicine National Capital Area [NMNCA] leadership have been working hard to establish our Annual Plans for 2008. Building on what we’ve achieved as commands in the past, we want the future to be just as productive, successful and evolving. We are leading the way for Military Medicine and it is up to us to design the roadmap with the new Joint Task Force CapMed [JTF CapMed] for a better healthcare system. By declaring our 2008 Mission, Vision and Goals, we ‘‘set the bar” for what we expect to accomplish as commands and create that clear map for 2008 to follow.

After command-wide input, much discussion and further reflection, the NNMC Vision Statement working group and the NMNCA team unanimously decided our vision statements should truly be ‘‘visionary.” Because new ones were being created at this particular, unprecedented time in our history, we needed to inspire and capture the bigger picture of who we are now and what we will be in the future when we transition to a joint medical command. They felt our vision statements must reflect the new mission statements. For NNMC this is specific about what we do: patient and family-centered care, operational readiness, individual and team growth, with special attention to the care we provide our wounded and ill warriors. For NMNCA our mission focus will be on Navy Componency with the JTF CapMed, the value in Navy Medicine, healthcare quality, military readiness, access to care and management of resources.

NNMC’s proposed new Vision is: ‘‘We are the epicenter of change in military medicine, leading the way to an integrated continuum of world-class patient and family centered care.”

NMNCA’s new proposed vision is ‘‘NMNCA will be the integral enabler in the NCR as the Navy Component to the JTF CapMed developing a world-class, jointly integrated, regional health system utilizing active and reserve forces, DoD civilians and partnerships with other governmental agencies and civilian organizations.”

These proposed visions are aligned with our missions and focused on the future. Now, we need a roadmap to get us there. It all starts with our 2008 Annual Plans with goals and objectives leading us to our desired end state for 2009, and eventually our future vision. We have had countless meetings, assigned Goal Champions and teams to find our way ahead, and have carefully determined who our stakeholders are and what they want. NNMC recently surveyed our stakeholders, our staff, volunteers, and family members who support us for their valuable input and opinions. The survey contained the proposed NNMC Vision, Mission, and Goal Statements with a specific list of possible objectives under each goal. You were asked to provide your thoughts about our new Vision, Mission and Goal Statements, and to select ONE objective that directly impacts your daily work here or the work in your department. In addition, you were also asked to answer a few questions about the objective you selected.

There were a significant number [almost 300] of surveys completed and retuned. The majority of you chose to address the Quality Goal [70%], followed by Readiness [22%] and Integration [10%]. The majority of those who chose Quality answered questions and commented on the Patient Care and Patient Safety objective — improve our system yielding measurable, sustainable and durable improvements. We were impressed with the many valuable comments and recommendations given. Our Goal Champions, teams, and leadership are now busily taking all this input into consideration to finalize our 2008 Goals and Objectives and set our roadmap to success.

Responses to the general survey questions were also very informative. We learned that most of you believe we will meet all of our goals and objectives. This is particularly impressive because it shows firm commitment to favorably influence the coming changes and a willingness to expend time and energy to ‘‘take it on” and get the job done. I appreciate the tireless efforts and dedication of all the NNMC and NMNCA staff who have taken us this far down the right path, and look forward to moving with you further down the ‘‘road” as we move military medicine quickly to a greater and better future. We will face many challenges in the days and weeks ahead, but I am as committed and confident as you that our ‘‘can do” attitude, exceptional talents, team work and dedication to making healthcare better for our patients, their families and those we serve will carry us through. Keep it going!

Commander sends,