Naval Support Facility Indian Head Guide

Naval Surface Warfare Center,Indian Head Division

Monday, Jan. 17, 2011

Capt. Andrew Buduo III

Cmdr. Alan Phillips
Executive Officer

Dennis McLaughlin
Technical Director (Acting)

NSWC IHD Total Employees: 1482
Civilians: 1479
Military: 3
Contractors: 94

DoD Energetics Center
As a Department of Defense (DoD) Energetics Center, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Indian Head Division (NSWC IHD) is a critical component of the Warfare Center (WC) Enterprise. It is our mission to provide research, development, test and evaluation and in-service support of energetics and energetic materials for warheads, propulsion systems, ordnance and pyrotechnic devices and fuzing for Navy, Joint Forces, and the nation, to include research, test, and engineering of chemicals, propellants, explosives, related electronic devices, associated ordnance equipment and special weapons support.

What are Energetics?
Energetics are explosives, propellants, pyrotechnics, reactive materials, related chemicals and fuels and their application in propulsion systems and ordnance.

As the largest DoD full spectrum energetics facility and leader in the Navy's energetic enterprise, NSWC IHD employs a workforce of over 1,482, of which more than 970 are scientists, engineers and technicians dedicated to every aspect of developing and sustaining explosives, propellants, pyrotechnics, high energy chemicals and their application into warfighting systems. In addition, NSWC IHD has the largest concentration of PhDs (more than 50) working in energetics in the Warfare Centers including the highest number of žrocket scientistsÓ e.g., synthesis chemists, detonation physicists, and formulation scientists dedicated to the energetics national competency.

The Division's unique synergy and balanced capabilities address all aspects of the energetics technical discipline including basic research, applied technology, technology demonstration, prototyping, engineering development, acquisition, low rate production, in-service engineering/mishaps and failure investigations, surveillance and demilitarization.

If the military experience problems with current weapon systems, or encounter new threats on the battlefield, NSWC IHD collaborates and provides the appropriate solution to answer the call. As the Navy's lead technical authority in the US, NSWC IHD performs over 60% of all Navy energetics workload, and has an unmatched record of 16 Navy-qualified explosives transitioned into 50 Navy, Army, Air Force and Marine Corps weapons. Since 1985, 75% of all explosives deployed in US weapons were developed by IHD.

IHD's unique cradle-to-grave energetics capabilities support rapid response solutions for our warfighters. Examples include:

- IHD's CAD/PAD Joint Program Office, which provides unified life-cycle management of cartridge actuated and propellant actuated devices for the joint services. They employ žBest PracticesÓ to improve resource management, contracting, facilities, training, and streamlinescience and technology.

- IHD is the nation's only design and development agent for underwaterwarheads and explosives.

- IHD is designated as the Navy's Manufacturing Technology Center for Energetics.

- IHD is the free-world's sole provider of OTTO Fuel II for both domestic and foreign torpedoes.

- IHD's explosive modeling experts have jointly developed high fidelity underwater hydrocodes (DYSMAS) with German researchers, providing the Navy a capability to accurately predict underwater explosive performance and affects for a wide variety of lethality and vulnerability applications. Extensions of DYSMAS are now used to help improve future ship hull designs.

Recent technological advancements in energetic materials have yielded development of a novel method to explosively generate plasmas with applications against a variety of hardened target breaching. The Division is also pioneering nano-energetic material R&D efforts leading to a complete change in the future directions of energetic materials, components, and systems, providing the capability to support the development of smaller yet higher performing, greater precision, combat safe insensitive, ždial-a-yieldÓ weapons in the not too distant future.

IHD executes this world-class energetic system engineering in unique facilities including unmatched chemical scale-up labs, the country's only energetic-certified MEMS development lab, next generation twin-screw extrusion processing systems and the largest set of detonation science žbomb-proofsÓ in the free-world.

The IHD's full-spectrum expertise, facilities, and system engineering know-how allows for energetics to be sustained as a National Competency. This exceptional capability to synergize across the organization - from basic research and engineering, to test, evaluation and full-scale manufacturing - provides the Navy and nation a one-of-a-kind core capability unmatched anywhere in the U.S. addressing current and future warfighting needs.

The success and achievements of IHD are attributable to a combination of state-of-the-art facilities, sustained investment in science and technology by the DoD, and most importantly the employee population-an exceptional assembly of tremendously talented, dedicated and innovative people.

As a successful and vibrant technical institution, we come to work each daygiving our very best so that our service men and women can do their jobs, defend our American freedoms, and come home safely to their families.

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