Wednesday, September 10, 2003

e.Power software is NAVAIR's standard for workflow, document management

In these times of budget belt-tightening, you need your money to go farther. Time is money and when you can save time, you are saving money. e.Power is the tool that can help you save both.

e.Power is NAVAIR's standard, enterprise-wide product for workflow and document management. NAVAIR purchased an enterprise license for e.Power software in 2001 and made it available NAVAIR-wide. e.Power software provides a Web-enabled solution to:

* Store electronic documents/images

* Search and retrieve documents from both local and remote sites

* Manage document versions

* Secure documents to limit access

* Track documents using audit trails

* Implement workflow capabilities to automate simple or complex business processes

* Gather metrics to monitor and improve process performance

Workflow improves efficiency by using or re-defining your business process rules to automate the flow of work in your office environment. Workflow can monitor resource loads and send new tasks to users with lighter workloads automatically. Using the e.Power workflow engine, automated routing of documents, through the approval process, can be achieved. If your processes change, the workflow can be updated. Document management provides electronic storage along with full-text search capabilities so you can find documents when you need them. Documents and databases are routinely backed-up to ensure protection of your vital information.

Applications designed by NAVAIR's Information Management Division to support fleet/command requirements, using e.Power, include: Flight Clearance, Aircraft Configuration and Control Board, TEAM Process Toolkit, Human Resources Resume Repository, Request for Engineering Instruction, and the National Administrative Process (automated editing and approval process for NAVAIR directives). As part of the NAVAIR Sigma e.Power implementation, the Enterprise Resource Planning Team designed, developed, and deployed the following Sigma related workflow/document management applications (many of which are integrated with SAP R/3): Acquisition Documents, Budget Exhibits Process, Engineering Change Proposals, Procurement Initiation Documents, Civilian Leave Requests, Sigma Role Requests and the repository for Purchase Requisition/Purchase Orders attachments.

The flight clearance workflow application speeds up the completion of the flight clearance approval process to provide engineers real-time status visibility. The flight clearance application has a total of 1,088 users and a repository containing 33,555 documents.

"Our main concern in the Airworthiness Office is supporting the fleet and test communities with timely flight clearances while maintaining the engineering integrity of the flight clearance process," said Cmdr. Scott Howe, AIR-4.0P airworthiness officer. "e.Power enables us to achieve both of those goals and provides the metrics to show our progress. In fact, we have reduced the average turnaround time for interim flight clearances from over 45 days to under 20 days since we started using e.Power, despite seeing the number of clearances in work double over that same amount of time."

The Request for Engineering Instruction workflow has reduced the processing time of REIs.

"The overall 3,000 [REIs] per year process is going to be cut probably by eight- to 10-fold in turnaround time," said John Thatch, functional point of contact for the REI Fast Forward Project.

In the past, a form was completed and sent via guard mail to the engineering sub-team that had cognizance on an item. Once received, the engineer would begin work on the response to the REI. The entire process, from completion of the form to the response back from engineering, could take one to two weeks. Now with the workflow built in e.Power, the REI is submitted as soon as the requestor completes it so that the engineer can begin work on the response the same day.

The Human Resource Resume Repository is another example of how e.Power can save time.

"Last year, we received over 12,000 resumes and we were looking for a controllable means of accessing that information ... that would allow us to still go through the recruiting process in a timely manner," said Tania Hayden, program administrator for the NAVAIR Recruiting Program.

e.Power has provided Human Resources Office that functionality within the document management tool. In the past, the NAVAIR hiring manager needed to go to the HRO to pick up hard copy resumes for review. The hiring managers are now able to access the professional engineering, science and summer intern resumes from their desktop computers and search for applicants that match their needs, saving time and money.

NAVAIR's Information Management Division has the knowledgeable staff on hand to support your document workflow/document management requirements. If you would like to learn more about how e.Power can be used to improve business processes, expedite communication, monitor resource loads, and maintain metrics, contact the IMD Document Management Team. Carol Feldman (301-757-0614) or Ruth Houser (301-342-1148) will be happy to answer your questions or provide a demonstration.

(Submitted by IMD)