Thursday, August 28, 2003

DIA provides a preview of new facility's design

Image courtesy of Defense Intelligence Agency Public Affairs

A computer-generated image shows how the new addition to the Defense Intelligence Analysis Center will look.

In early May, the Defense Intelligence Agency broke ground on a new building on the DIA campus. The new facility will greatly reduce vulnerability to its uniquely skilled workforce currently housed in leased facilities throughout the National Capital Region.

The Defense Intelligence Analysis Center Expansion Project will be a first-class facility serving agency needs in the reduction of national intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance vulnerabilities. Designed by the Smith Group, designers of the existing DIAC facility, the new building will be an independent structure connected to the existing DIAC by a corridor. It will be six stories high and located diagonally along the south side of the existing structure.

The project has already received a prestigious design award from the Washington, D.C. "Committee of 100." The committee was impressed with the unique integration of security features within the design, creating a beautiful and yet well-protected facility.

The design incorporates a modern workspace style that focuses on open office workspaces. This open design, coupled with an emphasis on increased natural light and organized workspaces, will provide employees with a pleasant working environment. Manhattan Construction Com-pany is the general contractor responsible for building the facility. Manhattan has constructed projects of similar scope locally, such as WorldCom Northern Virginia Operations Center in Ashburn, Va.; Walter Reed Army Research Institute in Forest Glen, Md.; and Colonial Place in Arlington, Va.

The new 450,000 square-foot building will operate on a full backup power system around the clock. It will be equipped with closed-circuit television, raised access flooring and a perimeter security wall.