Thursday, August 15, 2002

Facts about DOD decals and vehicle registration

Who here aboard Henderson Hall hasn't been asked where the Vehicle Registration Office is? And we all know someone who wondered just what is needed to register a vehicle with Henderson Hall. During these times of heightened security, it is especially important that all personnel who wish to obtain a Department of Defense Registered Vehicle decal (DD Form 2220) are informed of the DOD directives, Marine Corps Order, and Post Order governing the requirements for issuing and displaying the decal.

To obtain a Department of Defense Registered Vehicle decal, applicants must meet the following criteria:

-Government (DOD) ID card. This includes active duty military assigned to HQMC, civilian employees assigned to HQMC, retired military members who reside in the Washington DC metro area.

-Valid Driver's License issued in the United States.

-Proof of valid vehicle safety inspection. If the state your vehicle is registered in does not require a safety inspection, you may obtain a Virginia State Safety Inspection which will cost $15.00 or visit the Henderson Hall Motor Transport section located in the upper level of Building 25 garage at no cost. However, if your vehicle registration requires a state safety inspection, you must keep this requirement current.

-Vehicle insurance policy/card verifying the minimum limits:

-$25,000 per person

-$50,000 per accident

-$20,000 property damage

-Proof of Driver's Improvement Course (Active Duty Military below the age of 27). Marines who have not attended this course can contact the Henderson Hall Safety Office at (703) 614-7264 to sign up.

The Henderson Hall Vehicle registration Office is located on the first floor of Building 29 next to the Multipurpose Building parking garage entrance. The hours of operation are from 0800-1630 Monday-Friday except holidays.

Once you have registered your vehicle and received your decal, where should it be placed? In compliance with Post Order and Virginia State Laws, the proper placement of DoD decals is centered and to the uppermost top of the glass of the windshield.

This is important because, Marine Corps Order 5510.1C, section 3-3, states that authorized applicants for a DOD decal may only be issued one (1) decal per privately owned vehicle which will be placed on (affixed to) front of the vehicle only. The order also explains that, "The decal, installation tab, and expiration tabs will be theft resistant when applied to glass, metal, painted or rubberized surfaces after full adhesion had developed and will be manufactured to 'tear' or 'self destruct' when any attempt to remove it is made..." The use or placement of a DOD decal in any other means is in violation of this order.

For example, placing a DOD decal with activity indicator and expiration tabs on any object that can be removed from the vehicle and not permanently affixed to the vehicle is in violation of the order and causes it to be more prone to theft or misuse.

Decals that display rank, grade, title, or position are not required to be displayed with the DOD decal. Though we have often seen such and perhaps have purchased them ourselves, consider them a courtesy and do keep in mind they are still subject to applicable state laws concerning obstruction to drivers view if applied to the windows.

The Provost Marshals' Office recommends that the required DOD decal be the sole decal affixed to anyone's vehicle in this heightened period of Force Protection as it is only one of the many thousands of such in the national capital area, home to the large population of military service members, retirees, and other DOD employees we commonly see; additional decals are not necessary and only would attract undue attention to the owner.

The Provost Marshal's Office continues to maintain a strict requirement for access control and proper vehicle registration can assist those hardworking sentries at the gates. Questions regarding Vehicle Registration or other access control procedures aboard Henderson Hall can be answered by contacting the PMO Administration/Services Office at 614-2229.