Friday, July 27, 2001

U.S. Navy: "The First 72 Hours" Can Now be Viewed on the Web

The Navy's new training video that demonstrates how shipmates help each other to acclimate to a new command is now available as video-on-demand on the Navy's quality of life website, the LIFELines Services Network at, click on the "military life" link.

The general military training video feature, "U.S. Navy: The First 72 Hours," examines the damaging effects of a poor command climate/sponsorship program. Viewers learn how negative first impressions lead to professional and personal problems among newly reporting Sailors.

The video feature, developed by the Chief of Naval Education and Training (CNET) and sponsored by the Navy Personnel Command's Center for Career Development (CCD), is a tool to help Navy leadership improve the quality of their command sponsorship programs, according to a CCD spokesperson.

The video encourages commands to be proactive in ensuring service members experience a smooth transition from student to active Sailor in the fleet. A positive first impression will further enhance their decision to stay Navy.

The LIFELines website implemented the program into its collected resources in the hopes of making it available to anyone who would like to view it as their schedule permits.

"The video is a great leadership tool for commands conducting retention/attrition stand downs to strategize how to fold a new member into the Navy family the correct way," said LIFELines officials.

Commands are encouraged to use the video as part of their retention attrition stand down agenda to review current check-in procedures, and maintain it as part of their command sponsor training program.

In his monthly update to the fleet, Chief of Naval Personnel Vice Adm. Norb Ryan Jr. said, "The transition from recruit training to reporting to a first command has been identified as a crucial time in the development of a Sailor's lifelong perception of the Navy.

Capturing the opportunity to present a positive first impression through a proactive sponsorship program has value ultimately measured in each recruit's future decision to re-enlist. Remember, we only get one opportunity to make a first impression, and good or bad, it is the one that lasts."

For more information on implementing retention/attrition stand down at your command contact CCD at (901) 874-2200 or go to