Thursday, May 30, 2002

Navy's top Junior Physical Therapist leaves NNMC

Photo by JO3 (SW) Tom Keilman

Lt. Denise Milton, staff physical therapist has been selected as the Junior Navy Physical Therapist of the Year.

Lt. Denise Milton, staff physical therapist and division officer of physical therapy (inpatient ward) has been named the Junior Navy Physical Therapist of the Year.

The awardee is decided by a committee of senior Navy physical therapists that determine which junior physical therapist (0-3 and below) has shown superior professional performance among all other junior physical therapists Navy-wide.

"This is a great honor. It blows me away to know that those I work with and for have recognized me," said Milton.

Milton's responsibilities goes far beyond that of a physical therapist. While deployed to hospital ship USNS Comfort, she developed a computer-based training method for litter (stretcher) bearers.

She also created a training plan for patient transport during casualty receiving. Milton explains that these methods helped improve efficiency and safety for both staff and patients.

"I don't like settling with just getting the job done. That's not good enough for me," added Milton.

In the future, Milton hopes to further her education and receive a clinical master's degree.

Milton has worked at NNMC for three years and is currently relocating to Naval Hospital Jacksonville, Fla.

While there she will take on the responsibility of being the department head in the departments of physical therapy and occupational therapy.

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