Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Dahlgren MWR Contacts

MWR Admin Office 540-653-7777
Aquatics Center 540-653-8088/6213
Auto Skills Center 540-653-4900
Waggy's Alley Bowling Center 540-653-7327
Craftech Hobby Shop 540-653-1730
Cactus Jack's Lounge 540-653-1916
Child Development Center 540-653-4994
Child Development Homes 540-653-5823
Douglas T. Gray Galley 540-653-7326
Gymnasium/Fitness Center 540-653-8580
Information, Tickets & Tours 540-653-8785
JD's Training & Conference Ctr. 540-653-7259/1022
Liberty Office 540-653-7277
Library 540-653-7474
Movie Theater 540-653-7336
Rumors Recreation Center 540-653-7782
Willow Oaks Golf Club 540-663-3002
Youth Activities Center 540-653-8009

Visit us on the web at: www.nswc.navy.mil/wwwDL/CD/MWR

Dahlgren MWR activities are highlighted monthly in the "MWR Tymes" section of the Dahlgren base newspaper, The Bullet. To receive your free copy of The Bullet each month, please email your name and mailing address to itt@nswc.navy.mil or call 540-653-7620 to provide your mailing information over the telephone.

For customers who prefer their news via e-email, we welcome you to sign up for the Dahlgren MWR monthly e-mail update. To have your e-mail address added to the update distribution list, please send your request to: itt@nswc.navy.mil or hallpd@nswc.navy.mil