Friday, February 18, 2005

New CCAF catalog means degree changes

There are three major changes in the 2005-2007 Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) catalog. The first involves application of credit from enlisted professional military education. The second is a new degree program, and third are updating of degree titles to reflect current technologies/duties.

Effective with the 2005-2007 CCAF Catalog, EPME credit can longer be used to satisfy requirements in the technical elective area. However, there are eight programs where two specific EPME courses, leadership and management and/or managerial communications, may be applied.

These eight programs are: aerospace historian, financial management, health care management, human resource management, information management, logistics, restaurant, hotel and fitness management and social services.

EPME credit may not be used in the technical elective area of any other CCAF degree program in the 2005-2007 catalog.

Since registration in all degree programs, except instructor of technology and military science, is limited to six years from the date of registration, this change will probably result in a loss of credits for personnel enrolled in the 1999 catalog and moves to the 2005 catalog.

The new degree program, diagnostic medical sonography, is designed for 4ROX1B personnel to more accurately reflect their duties.

These are the five degree titles changed to reflect current technologies and duties:

-- Aircrew Life Support to Aircrew Safety Systems Technology

-- Radiologic Technology to Diagnostic Imaging Technology

-- Ecological Controls to Environmental Systems Technology

-- Disaster Preparedness to Emergency Management

-- Pararescue to Personnel Recovery

To graduate with one of these new degree titles, a student must contact their CCAF counselor and review the requirements of this new degree (remembering the EPME change). Students should then decide to request to be enrolled in the 2005 catalog or to complete under the program they are currently enrolled.

For further information, contact a CCAF counselor at Bolling at (202) 767-5838 in the Pentagon at (703) 697-7074 or enlisted students may view their CCAF Web Progress Report on the Air Force Virtual Education Center at

(Courtesy of 11th Mission Support Squadron)