Thursday, January 31, 2002

Outlook is now accessible virtually anywhere there's web

Let's face it -- not all employees at NNMC have their own office computer, let alone their own office. If you are one of the many doctors, nurses, corpsmen and support personnel working in the wards and clinics around the command, you might not even have full-time access to one particular workstation, which may leave you feeling a little cut off from your NNMC Outlook account.

Now, there is another way to check your office e-mail from anywhere that is hooked up to Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0, even if the folks from ITS (Information Technology Services) haven't set up your Outlook account access on that particular PC.

STEP 1: Log on to any hospital computer, open the Internet explorer, go to the NNMC web site at and enter the homepage at the bottom of the screen.

STEP 2: Find the Resources link in the right hand column and click on it.

STEP 3: Click on the link that says "Check your Outlook e-mail on the web"

STEP 4: A Microsoft Internet warning will pop up that tells you that you're leaving the NNMC web site. Hit OK.

STEP 5: A page will appear that prompts you on how to log on using your Outlook e-mail address and password. Once you type in the correct information according to the directions, you'll instantly be connected to your NNMC Outlook account, via the web.

According to ITS computer specialist SN Jonathan Lamb, this is a very useful alternative for people who share or rotate workspaces often but still need to keep up with command information and communications.

"Not everybody is in one place all the time," Lamb says. "This way you can check your new e-mails whether you're here, home, California or wherever."

Lamb explains that officers ranking 05 and above can view all personal folders and mail within Outlook if they check it via the web, while 04 and below personnel are limited to viewing just new e-mail. Lt. David Felton, e-Health service chief, says whether you have access to everything or just new mail, Outlook on the web is a huge benefit for those around the fleet.

"The Outlook web access functionality facilitates the flow of information down to the deck plates, enhances opportunities for expansion of e-health services, and provides yet another venue for making the information sharing process more collective, collaborative and convenient."